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Looking for a website design company in Houston? We do things differently here at WizardsWebs Design. We focus on doing what we do best – building awesome & affordable custom websites while giving you the best customer experience along the way. We don’t try to offer every service under the sun. Business website design, hosting, search engine optimization and graphic design are all we do. We don’t use pre-made website templates. We don’t have some guy in India do the work. We don’t ask you to sign any term agreements and we don’t try to sell you other services you don’t need.  Lastly, we don’t hold you hostage. Once you have paid for your website design, you own it. If you ever decide to leave, you can take your design with you. 

Company History

WizardsWebs Design LLC is owned and operated by Steve Green. Based in Spring, Texas, the company specializes in WordPress custom website design, graphic design, hosting, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Steve has been involved with the internet since the early dial-up days of bulletin boards. GeoCities was launched in 1994 and Steve became one of the original “homesteaders”. He began learning HTML and in 1996 adopted Microsoft FrontPage running on Windows 95 to develop websites. He developed his first commercial business websites in 1997. Steve obtained hosting for his websites as a reseller for TierraNet in California.

Steve had a full time job working for the oilfield services company Weatherford International. For this reason, he deliberately kept  his website   business small and had to  turn down a lot of work. Although the business was small, it enabled Steve to stay involved with the rapidly developing web technology and the marketplace shifting away from brick and mortar. That knowledge helped Steve with his work at Weatherford. Likewise, Steve’s  work in  sales and marketing  helped him in his website design business.

Operating as a sole proprietorship, Steve purchased the domain name in 2003. In 2010,  Steve formed the limited liability company WizardsWebs Design LLC.

Changing Technology for Houston Website Design Company

Microsoft stopped developing FrontPage in 2003 and replaced it with Microsoft Expression. Steve used Expression for a few years but eventually switched over to  Adobe Dreamweaver (acquired from Macromedia in 2005). Websites were becoming more interactive and sophisticated. It was becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming to manually code HTML websites. People were starting to use  laptops, tablets, and smartphones to view websites . Building websites that looked good on the different device widths was a compromise at best.

Steve was approached by a new client in 2016 that wanted a website like one he had seen on the web. When Steve took a look at the site he saw that it had been developed using WordPress and Divi theme.  After a bit of research, Steve was surprised to learn that WordPress was becoming a major platform for all sorts of websites. He  decided to give it a try.

Website Design Company Switches to WordPress

Using WordPress and the Divi theme tools were life changing. Website development time was cut dramatically. More importantly, the tools provided responsiveness or the ability to tailor the page presentation to different device widths so they looked good on PC, tablets, and smartphones. The use of plugins enabled cutting-edge interactivity and features. While the tools took care of most of the coding automatically, Steve’s background in HTML and CSS allowed him to make customization quickly. Steve could now focus on site layout, presentation, SEO, and not be overwhelmed with coding.

Steve decided to  focus on WordPress and Divi Builder.   Four years later, 1/3 of all websites are WordPress and   Divi Builder is one of the top  page builders. Focusing on these  tools, Steve  has become both expert and fast. With expertise comes high quality product. With speed comes lower cost.

Steve moved his website hosting from TierraNet to Hostgator in 2016. Leasing services from Hostgator offered numerous benefits including Houston-based hosting (versus California), multiple data centers, superior uptime, and faster site speed.

The 40 Year Day Job

Steve worked as an account executive at Weatherford holding positions in operations, sales,  sales management, and marketing. He also worked in information technology roles involving sales and quality systems, systems training, and e-commerce. Steve served as Director of IT Innovation responsible for SharePoint globally. His last 10 years with the company were in International Sales serving as Global Account Executive.  Steve served as Weatherford’s representative to OFS Portal LLC where he worked with Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and other major oilfield service companies addressing e-commerce development. He also served as Weatherford’s member of PIDX, the Petroleum and Information Data Exchange.

After working there for 40 years, Steve was laid off by Weatherford in 2017. Since his severance agreement prevented him from working for a competitor, he decided it was time to stop turning down website work and focus on his website design company.

Business at WizardsWebs took off after that.  Three years later, the company is still growing. Steve will tell you that he is living the American dream.

Differentiating From Competition

In order for a business to succeed in a crowded market, it needs to differentiate from competition. One way to do that is to capitalize on competitor’s faults.

In the early days of the internet, businesses just needed an online presence or business card to replace the disappearing yellow pages. They had a website built and the project was over. Those sites didn’t need changing unless the business moved or got a new phone number. Website developers became accustomed to knocking these out and moving on to the next client. It was not unusual for businesses to have difficulty finding the guy that built their website to make changes. When they did find him, he was often too busy working on his next design project to be interested in helping them.

Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Steve Green Owner and Founder

Steve Green is Owner and Founder of WizardsWebs Design LLC

Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Steve Green is proud to be a 2017 Club 300 Top Fundraiser for the BP MS150 Bike Ride supporting National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Steve Green and son Christopher Green are both proud to be 2017 Club 300 Top Fundraisers for the BP MS150 Bike Ride supporting National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Steve Green and son Christopher Green are proud to both be 2017 Club 300 Top Fundraisers for the BP MS150 Bike Ride supporting National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Additional Charities We Support

Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Compassion International
Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Houston Food Bank
Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Star of Hope Mission
Website Design Company Houston's Best is #1 - Redeemer Church, Tomball, Texas

Internet Replaces Print Media

As we move deeper into the information age, consumers have increasingly become accustomed to turning to the internet for everything. Whatever they need they Google or ask Alexa. They expect the latest information to be on a company website. If they find missing, incomplete or out of date information they quickly move on. Business is learning that they need to provide more content and update it as quickly as it changes if they want to be in the game.

At the same time, websites are now more sophisticated and database driven. They often utilize 20-30 plugins that need to be updated weekly. Websites now have a long list of needs including security, changes in search ranking, backups, page speed, image optimization, schema, mobile view checks by Google, link checking, new blog posts, new products, new pictures, schedule changes, events, videos, social media, etc. and the list goes on and on.

It has become apparent that all businesses, from the smallest to the largest, now need a “webmaster” as they used to be called to take care of content changes, the myriad of technical needs, and key monitoring and reporting. Large companies can hire someone and keep them on the staff. Smaller companies must turn to a service.

Most website designers are still chasing new projects and are not responsive to handling these services. Agencies that are willing to do the work either want to charge you more than hiring a webmaster would cost or are continuously trying to sell you a lot of services you don’t need. This describes the gap that WizardsWebs Design uses to differentiate from competition. Not only do we build great websites, we stay on job and take care of your website as if we were on your staff. We are responsive and affordable. That is our niche.

Steve’s hobbies are road bicycling, golf, computers, and digital photography. His charities include the MS-150 (Multiple Sclerosis), Compassion International, the Houston Food Bank, the Star of Hope Mission, and Redeemer Church in Tomball, Texas.

Why WizardsWebs for Your Houston Website Design Company?

WizardsWebs Design is different from other Houston web design companies in several ways:


WizardsWebs has been building websites since the internet first came along. Other companies may have owners with  similar experience and expertise but at WizardsWebs, the guy you talk to is the guy that will build, tune and maintain your website. We don’t hand your work off to cheap labor overseas or  junior developers.  


Many clients come to us with stories about website design companies that won’t call them back or make changes when they need them. Several have told us that after numerous calls, we were the only company to answer the phone. WizardsWebs is responsive and will be there when you need us. Website changes you request are made quickly.

Houston Focus

We could build websites for any business in the country. However we prefer to stick with Houston businesses. There is value in working directly with our clients face-to-face. It seems to facilitate good communication. Direct communication helps us maintain better business relationships. Many of our clients have been  with us over a decade.

Client Size

While we do handle a few larger companies, WizardsWebs specializes in serving small to medium businesses.  Our best fit is working for businesses that typically don’t have an IT department. They need a support company that knows them by name and can respond. Finally, they need an affordable website design company that genuinely wants to help them grow their business.

Small Business Specialist

WizardsWebs takes great pride in helping small businesses succeed on the web. Many small businesses can’t afford what many other  agencies charge for website design and SEO. We won’t let that stop us from helping them be successful. WizardsWebs can design them great websites and help them rank on the search engines affordably.

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more or to discuss your project just give us a shout to get started. There is no obligation.

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