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Dorstener Wire Tech is your single source manufacturer for high-quality, welded wire mesh, woven wire cloth, sintered wire cloth, and metallic filtration products. We are committed to providing all of our clients with premium products that exceed expectations at an economic price coupled with industry-leading customer service.

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About Dorstener Wire Tech

Dorstener Wire Tech and its subsidiary Porous Metal Filters, is located just north of Houston, Texas. We are a leading metal mesh manufacturer and supplier and act as the filtration arm for the Dorstener Group. The Dorstener Group is a leading producer of woven wire cloth, welded wire mesh fabrics, metallic filter medias, and filter elements made from these materials. Our fully integrated manufacturing centers allow us to control production from start to finish.

We offer a full range of woven metal mesh and metallic fabrics from 2 micron to 6000 micron in stainless steel and other high nickel alloys. Technical welded wire fabric is one of our specialties. We can weld wires as small as .015” in various round and geometric shapes. In addition to our traditional welded mesh products we also integrate woven and weld fabrics (weld sandwich media) that can be pleated allowing for high flow rates of gas or liquid products.

Our Sintered (diffusion bonded) metallic medias are produced at the Dorstener Wire Tech facility in Spring, Texas. Our state of the art equipment and skills allow us to produce goods economically and in large volume. Sintered metal fabrics have many advantages over traditional woven fabrics. We can integrate metal fibers, perforated plate, and woven wire cloth to provide the best of all structured metal media. Our finished filter elements offer superior filtration properties. Benefits of elements utilizing sintered wire cloth are; fixed pore geometry under pressure, no sheading, high mechanical strength, and the ability of the media to be pleated & cleaned allowing for longer on stream life.

Our products are used in numerous industries including; oil & gas, petrochemical, polymer, water, blast suppression, automotive, and countless industrial filtration applications. Our technical staff welcomes the opportunity to help with your filtration needs.

WizardsWebs Design and Dorstener Wire Tech

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How Does WizardsWebs Design Help Dorstener Wire Tech?

In order for a business to succeed in a crowded market, it needs to differentiate from competition. Wizards Webs Design specializes in serving businesses that value having their website designer stick around to keep their website updated, optimized, and see that the website ranks as high as possible on search engines. Dorstener Wire Tech sees the value in those services.

Why don’t all website developers do that? Here is the story of how that came to be.

In the early days of the internet, businesses just needed an online presence or business card to replace the disappearing yellow pages. They had a website built and the project was over. Those sites didn’t need changing unless the business moved or got a new phone number. Website developers became accustomed to knocking these out and moving on to the next client. It was not unusual for businesses to have difficulty finding the guy that built their website to make changes. When they did find him, he was often too busy working on his next design project to be interested in helping them.

The Digital Revolution

We have used print media for generations. As we move deeper into the information age, consumers have increasingly become accustomed to turning to the internet for everything. Whatever they need they Google or ask Alexa. They expect the latest information to be on a company website. If they find missing, incomplete or out of date information they quickly move on. Business is learning that they need to provide more content and update it as quickly as it changes if they want to be in the game.

At the same time, websites are now more sophisticated and database driven. They often utilize 20-30 plugins that need to be updated weekly. Websites now have a long list of needs including security, changes in search ranking, backups, page speed, image optimization, schema, mobile view checks by Google, link checking, new blog posts, new products, new pictures, schedule changes, events, videos, social media, etc. and the list goes on and on.

Webmasters Needed

It has become apparent to Dorstener Wire Tech that businesses, from the smallest to the largest, now need a “webmaster” as they used to be called to take care of content changes, the myriad of technical needs, and key monitoring and reporting. Large companies can hire someone and keep them on the staff. Smaller companies must turn to a service.

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