Website Design Costs & Getting Started - WizardsWebs Design Houston
Website Design Costs & Getting Started - WizardsWebs Design Houston

The most asked question we hear is “how much does a website cost?” The truth about web design costs is that it varies a lot depending on what you want. You should speak with us about your particular needs to get more accurate website design costs numbers but here is some information you can use to budget with. You need to be familiar with all the costs that go into designing and maintaining a modern website.

Website Design Costs

Website design is the one-time cost to build your website. Custom website design costs start as low as $900 and the average 8-12 page site design runs $1800 to $2700. Larger or more complex sites can run more because they take more hours to develop.

One of the most important benefits of using WizardWebs Design for your  design work is that we include on-page SEO (search engine optimization). Most design firms charge extra for this work (a lot extra).

 We offer some website design packages below. Besides these packages, WizardsWebs Design offers no-cost, no-obligation quotes based on specific project requirements. We do all development ourselves and don’t outsource anything to labor overseas. The person you speak with is the person doing your project. And we know our business.

Website Design Packages & Pricing

Choose from one of our popular website design packages or contact us for a custom quote. 

Important Considerations

  1. One of the most important benefits of using WizardsWebs Design for your  design work is that we include on-page SEO (search engine optimization). Most design firms charge extra for this work (a lot extra). That’s important if you are comparing  design costs.
  2. Be aware that some other web design firms use pre-built website templates or select themes they just plug your text and images into. We don’t use templates. Who wants the same website that other companies are using? Every website that we build is unique and tailored to our clients needs and preferences.
  3. Another consideration is term agreements. Some developers charge less or even do design work for free but then require you to sign a term agreement that includes services they profit on. We don’t ask you  to sign a term agreement.
  4. Some design firms retain ownership of their designs or use a platform that is proprietary. If you go with them, you can never leave. At WizardsWebs Design, once you pay for your design work, you are licensed to use the website design . If down the road you want to leave for any reason, you can take your website design with you.

Website Maintenance Cost

Website maintenance is an important and necessary service for regularly updating your website, checking your website for areas of improvement, and keeping the website content fresh, updated and relevant. This should be done on a weekly basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

There are three parts to our website maintenance:

Part 1 – We pay for most of your annual premium licenses and service subscriptions. (This is a $50 per month value)

Our websites utilize a lot of premium licensed components. The average total license cost if you bought these yourself is $550 to $650 PER YEAR! Instead of adding these to the design cost and then billing you each year all over again, we prepay these for you and include them as part of our website maintenance.

Examples of premium licenses we include:  your SSL certificate to make your site secure ($40 year) , Divi theme ($89 year), Yoast Premium SEO ($89 year), Yoast Local SEO ($69 year), Yoast SEO for WooCommerce ($69 year), Yoast Video SEO ($69 year), Really Simple SSL Pro ($29 year), UpdraftPlus Backups & Cloud Storage ($70 year), WP Fastest Cache Premium ($50 year), ShortPixel Image Optimization ($10 month), Slider Revolution ($29 year), and Divi Carousel ($15 year).

Part 2 – We perform your site maintenance and monitoring. (This is a $200 per month value)

We allocate 2 hours per month for each account for performing maintenance and monitoring.

  • We perform theme and plugin updates twice a week. At an average of 10 minutes each, this alone totals 1-1/2 hours each month.
  • We backup you site daily and keep 4 weeks backups in offsite cloud storage. We pay for that storage.
  • We make full exports the website after any significant changes just in case a backup restore fails.
  • We make site restorations  if needed in the event of a  problem, such as a plugin clash or site penetration.
  • Make numerous site improvements based on monitoring, including
  • Monitor Google Search Console for ranking changes and numerous site problems.
  • Monitor Google Analytics for site perfomance.
  • Making SEO tweaks and improvements.
  • Make changes as needed to improve page speed based on results from Google Page Speed and the Fast or Slow Website Speed Profiler.
  • Run periodic Wordfence manual scans to check for malware or site penetrations.
  • Monitor BrightLocal Search Ranking Reports for keyword ranking changes.

Part 3 – Webmaster on Call – We take care of changes you want each month.  (This is a $200 per month value)

Beside our technical maintenance, we allocate an additional two hours  per month for anything the client wants changed, added or developed. Examples include adding a mailbox, adding a new project page, adding new photos to a gallery, adding a new blog post, posting a message bar for COVID-19 with a learn more page, making SEO improvements, fixing broken links, adding holiday hours, adding sale banners, regularly updating content, etc.

Google likes fresh content and anyone expecting great search ranking needs to plan on keeping their site fresh with new content. Our maintenance plan makes that happen without you paying $100 per hour developer rates.


Our developer rate is $100 per hour. If you add the value of the licenses to the hours included as part of maintenance, our website maintenance is valued at $450 per month. We also give existing clients top priority over any other work, day or night, week days or weekends.

We do all this for only $75 a month for most websites. We discount the cost because we know our clients need the work done and we want a  reputation for making our clients successful. If you deduct the license cost, we are practically doing maintenance for free. We feel maintenance is necessary for successful sites and a major bargain for the client.


Would You Like to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more or to discuss your project just give us a shout to get started. There is no obligation.

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